Mobilethink A/S was established in 1999, and Andersen Advisory Group A/S joined as a shareholder in 2004.

Mobilethink A/S delivers analytics and device management of mobile terminals, and the company holds a strong market position among mobile operators from most parts of the world. Mobilethink A/S’s solution is used by more than 80 mobile operators and MVNOs worldwide.

In the present phase of its activity, Mobilethink A/S is primarily focused on assisting mobile operators, MVNOs, content providers and distributors. In addition to configuration settings, Mobilethink also delivers business intelligence.

The company has both reached cash flow break even and achieved a strong profitability, despite considerable investments in technology development. This positive development is expected to continue and act as vehicle in order to accelerate future growth.

The company has its head office in Aarhus, Denmark, with affiliated offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Shenzhen, China, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mobilethink A/S


Tweakker ApS is delivering API access to specialized device management segments and deals with advanced smartphone configurations.
Furthermore, the company supplies embedded software in order to support connectivity globally. Andersen Advisory Group A/S has co-founded this company.

Tweakker ApS


MobilePeople A/S, formerly known as Telecom Scandinavia A/S, is a renowned communications company in which Andersen Advisory Group A/S bought its present shareholding in 2005.

MobilePeople A/S delivers integrated interactive communications solutions to the business-segment. The company has a proven record of combining different technologies, such as video applications, SMS, content aggregation, IVR, billing and clearing, training, etc.

Telecom Scandinavia has made four acquisitions:

    a) The acquisition of assets and IVR-activities from KMD, the largest IT-company in Denmark
    b) The amalgamation with Sifira A/S with a view to expanding the service line into voice mail systems
    c) The acquisition of MobilePeople and this company's deep competences within the field of location based services and mobile advertising.
    d) The acquisition of assets from Handstep and Milcom A/S enabling new advanced integrated mobile solutions.

MobilePeople A/S has reached both cash flow break even and profitability.

MobilePeople A/S


Skill-based Gaming A/S - also branded Dansk Færdighedsspil A/S - is currently launching skill-based games.
Andersen Advisory Group A/S has assisted with the development, strategy and execution of this business case.

Danske Færdighedsspil A/S


Emperion was established in 1999, and Andersen Advisory Group A/S joined as a shareholder during 2005.

Emperion is designing and implementing IP based broadband satellite and radio communication solutions globally with particular strongholds in Africa and the Middle East. The service portfolio includes Internet access, VoIP-telephony, a suite of video and broadcast applications, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for enterprise organizations and other advanced IP based network solutions operated via Emperion’s own Network Operation Centers (NOC) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore, Emperion has representation in Dubai, the United Arabic Emirates.

The Emperion operated VSAT network has coverage from the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean to the Cape of Good Hope in the South of Africa and reaches across to Central Asia. The coverage is gradually extended. The vast coverage is serviced by the wholly owned NOCs. The Emperion voice and data is truly global.

Following Andersen Advisory Group A/S’ acquisition of Emperion’s shares in 2005, a major turnaround took place. The company turned into profits and the productivity and efficiency of the company was increased considerably. The company has been awarded the prestigious award as the best telecom/internet company by the reputed and independent Børsen journal, based on Ernest & Young's judgement according to a wide range of parameters.

Emperion A/S


Configit was founded in April 2000 by Professor Henrik Reif Andersen, Associate Professor Henrik Hulgaard and PhDs from the IT University of Copenhagen. Andersen Advisory Group A/S joined as a shareholder in 2007 at which time the company received a double digit MDKK funding from all shareholders.

The company develops configuration software which is based on more than 10 years of research in formal verification of hardware and patented software.

Today, Configit has a staff of highly skilled people with MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. Configit is domiciled with a head office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with affiliates in the Atlanta and Palo Alto California of US, Warwick of the UK, Düsseldorf of Germany and Chennai of India.

The Configit Suite handles huge product models with billions of possible and correct combinations and extracts them into a very compact format, called a virtual table file, which is typically very small. Thereby the file can be embedded in industrial and other types of equipment, allowing correct, fast and cost-effective implementation or installation. Moreover, the software and the applications developed help customers build the bridge between product and sales functions by providing software tools for guided selling.

The company has furthermore developed advanced software for configuration life-cycle management.

Configit has managed to take up a considerable amount of customers, based on patented and licensed software.

Configit A/S


CozmoPhone is a joint initiative between several portfolio companies, developing smartphone clients and mobile communications services. The service has global functionality comes with a high speed quality and avoids international roaming surcharges.

CozmoPhone A/S